Sunday, August 22, 2010

7 minutes in Berna

To operate a bit more sonically off the books and combine with the coolness of others, I recently created audiokayness (the phantom annex).

Lately, been having fun with Berna some more, using various recordings I've made played at varispeed to feed the Berna beast. Stuff like old 1950s tube intercom feedback. Stylophone and homemade zither run through the reverberant spring-loaded arm of a Luxo lamp via Nicholas Collins implementations of piezo contact mics/drivers.

To post the MP3s directly to the world o' Tumblr, I've kept these improvs [um, relatively] short. A mere 7 minutes each.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Closed Circuit Treadle

Closed Circuit Treadle

Droney & slow with the ebowed beater acoustic, some Casio SK-1 and a touch of nuevo Stylophone.

Names are the devil. Esp. with instrumental music. I might give something a name for all sorts of reasons, but the impulse of many listeners (myself included, when on the other end) is to take the name literally. Or literally enough not to hear things outside of the context of the dread name.

I read somewhere that an action painter whose last name rhymes with Wallach started using numbers to name his stuff. Tempting.

And some folks (one who rhymes with "la tea") go with names so long & whimsical that folks would rather forgo reading them and just suss things out on their own.

But the digital age offers almost all indulgences except that of a ridiculously long file name. And whatever convenient distillation of the really long name that ends up as the file name will no doubt obviate the too-long-to-bother-reading gambit.

Tho' I will offer here the alternate overly long & oblique title of this humble stretch of soundlike music/music-ish sound: The Closed Circuit Treadle Entirely Unseen & Cast Iron & Heretofore Unspoken Of Except As Woven Into The Cold Air The Greenest Grass Conceals Via Those Unclasped Vectors Of The Lost AlChemist Who Sought Uni & Roy But Found Only The Cricket's Face. There, something to read while listening.