Monday, March 5, 2012

As of 30 May, Ovi Share Nokia is over

This means a bulk of the audio posted here will be gone by late spring.  Unless.

This is a sleepy blog now, with most of the current action going on the so-called annex on Tumblr.  Not sure when or if I'll reup the dead links. 

Given the odd environment online re hosting, audio sharity and whatnot--wherein whole domains get nuked whether or not files are indeed posted by their creators/copyright holders (um, any nosey visitors dropping by--this is my stuff I'm posting), it gives one pause.  The so-called cloud seems a noxious gas.

If I do reup, I'll try to simply replace old links/embeds with new, and leave the posts are they are but without pesky dead links.  And if so, I'll announce it's having been done.  Till then . . .