Friday, February 22, 2008

short nature clips

Some very short lo-fi field recordings made with the ever trusty MemoMate--just click on the titles or the icons to play:

Fairhaven Peepers

Fairhaven Peepers - Share on Ovi


BirdSong@EgyptLane - Share on Ovi
Egypt Lane is a short road through woods and marsh. It was an inspiration for this song and this video (and this alternate version of the video).


TreeFrog?@UMASSDart - Share on Ovi

Monday, February 11, 2008

of frogs & thunder

Faint recordings--for close listening, turn up the volume.


After a particularly heavy downpour last May, the fields & backyard where I was visiting were flooded with more than rain. There were frogs near and far. Mostly you can hear the near ones.


(BTW: not thunder exactly, but frogs & distant fireworks . . .)

You may find these thunderstorm recordings to be somewhat louder--please adjust volume accordingly.


These thunderstorms were all recorded in Massachusetts.


The one below is from earlier in the same storm, so the rain and runoff is louder. But the thunder gets close starting around 1:43.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

goose again & river splashing


Yes, again with the geese.

Beyond some nearby birds singing, it's a faint recording. Turn up the volume to hear a goose, calling out & flying over around 1:45 to 1:55. Yep, you can hear the cycling wisp of its wings in motion.

Not to mention faraway cows and dogs, roosters crowing, cars passing.

Hard to believe it's early Sunday morning on a farm. Cageian silence, country-fried.

A bit more of the same here.


This is louder--so turn down the volume a bit. If only to save any subwoofers from the rumble of the wind.

But it's the same Sunday morning as before. Just later on with a change of venue.

The James River splashing, a plane, a boat passing. And the aforementioned wind rising up now & then.

If it's more geese ye be needing, here's a long ago lo-fi snip of winter on Hog Island.