Saturday, February 2, 2008

goose again & river splashing


Yes, again with the geese.

Beyond some nearby birds singing, it's a faint recording. Turn up the volume to hear a goose, calling out & flying over around 1:45 to 1:55. Yep, you can hear the cycling wisp of its wings in motion.

Not to mention faraway cows and dogs, roosters crowing, cars passing.

Hard to believe it's early Sunday morning on a farm. Cageian silence, country-fried.

A bit more of the same here.


This is louder--so turn down the volume a bit. If only to save any subwoofers from the rumble of the wind.

But it's the same Sunday morning as before. Just later on with a change of venue.

The James River splashing, a plane, a boat passing. And the aforementioned wind rising up now & then.

If it's more geese ye be needing, here's a long ago lo-fi snip of winter on Hog Island.

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