Friday, March 13, 2015

Now from Thirsty Leaves Music "should be feared" (?) release

The fine folks at Thirsty Leaves Music are releasing a compilation, "should be feared" (?). As of this writing, there's a pre-release of the CD limited edition.

James Ross' "l'homme armé", now streaming, is sure to catch one's interest.

Also included is a KR Seward track that'll pop into earshot soon.

Indeed, streaming later will be tracks by all the contributing artists: Fastus, Giorgos Christianakis (featuring Nikos Veliotis), Gusev KP, John Daly, Moody Alien, Shanyio, Steven Sandberg, Xu(e),Zenjungle plus Ross and yours truly.

Looking back on Standing As Never Before

Other than the upcoming CD limited release coming from Thirsty Leaves Music, there is only one corporeally available release of anything KR Seward. And that is Standing An Never Before, the cassette collaboration done with Hal McGee.