Saturday, June 18, 2022

tracks contributed vol. 8

Ur Dan on Midnight Radio compilation 104.

Unmoll on Record Every Month challenge -- April/May 2022 [no links].

Unmush on Poverty Electronics volume 6 compilation.

Unseasoning on EXPERIGENICS compilation. [no link]

Utter Ground on Underworld Legion compilation by Antropofagia Records.

Viv, a collaboration with Mr. Pickles, Aimee and Adam Narowal as Picklehouse, maybe done for compilation VIVA MÉXICO SEÑORES RUIDOSOS 2021 (OTCRAH.RCOMP04). [Discogs link only]

Page Cicada, track done with NMTArts, on Two Halves vol. 7, curated by {AN} Eel.

Would Grain on App/Software compilation by Internet Daemon Netlabel.

X Bias [not likely used -- no link] for Cut Up compilation.

Zee Cue on Formulae 51: They Live compilation by Headcutter.

Zubzub on Midnight Radio compilation 111.

Friday, June 17, 2022

tracks contributed vol. 7

Rebox on 2021 No Synth/Percussion compilation by Histamine Tapes.

Red Key on The Vaccine Music compilation by Internet Daemon

Remain on Save Ukraine compilation [no link].

No link for Humanfobia - Fusion de Realidades Paralelas (KR Seward remix).

Risky Tango Foxtrot on WTF (vols 1-5) compilation for Shorty Music [and Friends].

Sew Sed on the Record Every Month challenge,Apeil/May 2021. [No link.]

Sky Husk on Creatures of the Apocalypse compilation from Paracelsian Records.

Sleep Of on UNDÆ! Radio program and the compilation. [no link]

Sylvan Crush in NMTArts remix session on SoundCloud.

Sow Laris [no link] on a forthcoming compilation by {AN} Eel.

Sub Six on Record Every Month challenge, May 2022. [no link]

Ten Per 2 for Disquiet Junto 0541 - 10 BPM,

Titan Sea Ping on The Space Exploration Multi Genre VA compilation by Paracelsian Records.

[Ah. D00d. Space.]

Three Word Salad on This Time Next Year complilation by {AN} Eel.

tracks contributed vol. 6

Mohk on Zouhy compilation done by Attenuation Circuit.

Molt BX for Requiem for Cicada Brood X compilation (aka cicada 17 IJKLMNO) by alfa00.

No Sno Jones [no links] for New Year New Comp compilation by {AN} Eel.

Nu42 foe Number 42 compilation by Owlripper Recordings.

Out Queue for [?? - no link] for EXPERIGENICS compilation.

Pahket Lent on Midnight Radio compilation 109.

Pets Run Off on Only Noise XI - Instruments of Torture compilation by Paraclesian Records.

Pickman’s Modem No. 2 on Tribute to H.P. Lovecraft compilation by Internet Daemon Netlabel.

Platonist Glare on The Nightclub compilation by Paraclesian Records


Pull [no links] on Record Every Month challenge, February/March 2022.

tracks contributed vol. 5

Garc on Silence compilation from Camembert Electrique [link was found courtesy David Fenech].

Glee Dim on Occult Esoteric compilation by Internet Daemon netlabel.

Gohfa on Midnight Radio compilation 110 [this entry might be redundant].

Gol on Midnight Radio compilation 107 [again possibly redundant].

Golem Pile done for the Morada Sonica Festival, tribute to the 40 years of the P.I.C.A. radio station (1981-2021).

Gum Bow [no link, sorry] for Experimental Collective compilation.

Haffa on Me (vol 1) compilation for Shorty Music [and Friends].

Hands End on Tr/Apt compilation from Completely Gone Recordings.

Happy Returns on the Happy Birthday Mister Camembert compilation from Camembert Electrique.

Har T Cue [no links] on Valentine's Noise 2022 compilation on OTCRAH Records.

Ladder Morgana [Discogs link only] for Daily Releases compilation on OTCRAH Records.

Let The RIght Cabin In The Woods In on the 2000s Horror Movies compilation from Internet Daemon Netlabel.

Line Off on Obama The Cat – Ruidismo Anti-Humanos complilation by OTCRAH Records.

tracks contributed vol 4

Earless Phreep was done for the Daredevil Meditations compilation for Electronic Cottage.

Embluk on the Monolithic Blocks compilation by Camembert Electrique.

Eye Sis Four [sorry, no link] done for Record Every Month challenge, May or June 2021.

Fenzjumper [sorry, again, no link] done for The Commercial Noise Initiative compilation by Feed Me Glass Records

Fold In on Poverty Electronics volume 7.

Fotorhizomic on the Plantwave compilation from Internet Daemon.

Francine {nope, no link} is for likely upcoming compilation from Institute For Alien Research.

Fulgoe on 1st Anniversary compilation for Bromtol Largesse.

tracks contriibuted to compilations and such Vol 3

Again slowly sharing links and some context re the many contributed tracks.

Big Call on Camembert Electrique compilatinn, Sitar On Sitar.

Big Ed on Cut-Up: A Music Compilation in Honor of William S. Burroughs by The Church of The Noisy Goat.

Big Melt is um someplace as a remix of {AN} Eel. Uh.

Not one track but several were in an Electronic Cottage release, EC Split 5 [aka blems with Boss? -- Cantos ana Various Vices/Fork Spleed Bender, featuring tracks or the aforementioned [AN} Eel plus some KR Seward tracks.

Buckroe’s End contributed for, but [hey, whatevzs] didn't make the {AN} Eel curated compilation, FALSE NOISE.

Callback on Shorty Music compilation LTNS.

A tribute track for and called Catherine Carter Detail of Brown Loops on Yellow as part of the compilation, Tribute to Underground Visual Artists, by the Internet Daemon Netlabel. More about work of Catherine Carter.

Chain Link Jumper on Xmasia compilation by Camembert Electrique.

Cold Pail out on Midnight Radio compilation 112.

Chek Won done for Record Every Month challenge, March 2021. [Sorry, no link as yet found.]

Cue Ann Eye done for Good Morning/Good Mourning compilation put together by {AN} Eel.

Cue Ball on DTD20 - Sunburnt Soundscapes 2K compilation by DT Digital.

At risk of being redundant, will mention Cue Garden on Midnight Radio compliation 106.

Cue Go, [fwiw, no link found -- oops] submitted for big compilation done by Broken Tape Records.

Cue Ray on Pear Shaped (part 1) compilation from Shorty Music.

Dark Choc In Lieu of Ket [sorry, no links found] was done for a Drug Music compilation.

Dedenature in the Faff (part 2) compilation from Shorty Music [and Friends].

Difabar on Not My Cup of Tea (part 1) compilation from Shorty Music [and Friends].

Ditchplus on the This Ain't No CBGB noise compilation by Headcleaner.

Dotcraft on the Planar Harrow compilation by Argali Records Netlabel or alternate link.

Drip Amber on 3 Way Split from Bromtol Largesse.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

vol. 2 of tracks contributed to compilations and such

[General reminder that these tracks were very often each one of many tracks contributed by many artists/groups/whatnot. So, something to look into and hear. perhaps.]

Agh Eeh Emm, one of several contributed, to Record Every Month compilation, this for September 2021.

[But not able to find any KR Seward tracks in any monthly Record Every Month challenge radio shows. So. Umm. No real links to tracks. Eh. Feel free to cite Berkeley here.]

So, later on, Ash Tree Step was submitted for February 2022.

Another loose end: Covers. So rarely ever do covers:

"Put A Straw Under Baby" for {AN} Eel's compilation of Brian Eno covers, Here Come The Warm Regards, a Ttibute to Brian Eno.

Not a cover per se,30 Century Rain was more a blend of "30 Century Man" and "It's Raining Again". Done for Argali Records tribute, Walker: In Light And Darkness.

AM Tilt was contributed to a tribute to women artists (Agnes Martin was in mind here). The compilation was called Cauldron Deep Aesthetics, by Institute for Alien Research.
Not any kind of cover was As A, done for the Holy Cloud compilation for Default Standard records.