Monday, December 3, 2007

3:13 AM, Instrumental Frenzy, I'm Off, Afterdinner Outerlude

3:13 AM

(UPDATE: 3:13AM and the rest are on Bengal Burlap, available at Bandcamp.)

I was always kinda happy with this instrumental. I had a bass, that Synsonics drum machine and a flanger. I played something that resembled a melody (not something I'm entirely adverse to doing) without concerning myself with having a real guitar.

Instrumental Frenzy

When I did get a real guitar, this was about the first thing I did. Urgent Zebra may've been the second.

I'm Off

Before said real guitar, my friend Dom or someone loaned me one of those electric fan powered gadgets, a Magnus Chord Organ. My friend Bob, who could actually play, played the organ. Flanging everything in sight, I did the rest. All in view of the Corner rooftops of C'ville and the HoJo MoLo sign.

Afterdinner Outerlude

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