Friday, January 18, 2008

Broken Starlight, Slap and Keen, Short Fridge, Carry Point

Broken Starlight

My oldest brother when he came back home would go out in the clear cold night just to see the darkness and the stars inside it. I was no trooper and would shiver too much to see the sky.

Years later I can still only recognize Orion, but visits back home I'll look starward too.

Much use here of a glockenspiel found in a Salvation Army Thrift on Mercury Blvd. in Hampton VA. Also a funky ol' Kay acoustic found at Candyland Music in Richmond VA.

Slap and Keen

Many whistles, a loon call and the like are brought to bear. Plus something as inorganic as an Alesis Air Synth.

Short Fridge

Carry Point

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