Saturday, September 20, 2008

More Neon

More Neon

Why call a droning, steady state instrumental More Neon?

Well, one of my favorite neon signs, a big one out on MA Rt. 9 reading "TERMITE CONTROL", has been taken down.

Maybe for repairs, maybe for good.

In either case, and esp. the latter, I say More Neon, not less.


neon pub signs said...

I agree, viva la Neon! Did you mix/record that sound yourself(sorry I'm unfamiliar with music recording terminology)? It's mesmorizing and relaxing, I like it!

K. R. Seward said...

On Flickr, the photos of agilitynut includes lots of cool signs, including neon.

Glad you like More Neon--thanks. Yeah, I recorded that, mixed it.

Though there's other things I've done that have a similar feeling, offhand I'd say you might like these two.