Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shookup Hollow

Shookup Hollow

Answering the question: "What is life like inside a light bulb?"

That is, assuming the light's not on, the filament's broken and one is touching some point of contact for the sake of sound conduction.

(And all heck's breaking loose with some other objects as well.)

A no longer functioning aquarium bulb and some also-over-with cheepo bulb were touched by a cheap toy spy mic and sometimes a contact mic. Everyone's friend, the E-Bow actuated salvaged reverb tank, was also brought to bear on some mic. A toaster oven rack, too.

In the faint mists of time, use of the ever audiophile-quality Danelectro battery powered HoneyTone amp gave some or most or all of these sounds some, uhhhh, characteristic bandwidth and grit.

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