Sunday, May 23, 2010


WatUSpace, an instrumental hosted on DivShare.

Honestly, this is fun with faking. Depending on what you consider "fun" or "faking".

Or "real".

The synth heard herein is a plug-in called U-NO-60, a virtual version of the Roland Juno 60 polysynth.

Once upon a time anything electronically created, reproduced or enhanced would not be called real. Now circuits and hardware in the devoted service of analog sound creation have become things to be copied and rendered real by their replication. With a dead Juno 106 and no budget for its resurrection/replacement, I find far more fun in plug-ins than semantics.

And the tape delayish manipulations are thanks to the WatKat, a virtual version of the WEM Copicat tape delay. Of which I have a real one, just not patched into a computer & ready to roll yada yada.

Anyway, fun, remember?

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