Friday, June 1, 2012

Ovi Share is dead

Long live Ovi Share . . .

Originally Twango, it was bought by Nokia and became Ovi. For about two years it was the repository of most of my recordings old and new. Songs, instrumentals and field recordings, all posted here.

Then Ovi sidled away from hosting MP3s and anything afterward has been posted on Soundcloud, or Box, or DivShare or

But for almost three years after, up until this past 30 May or so, every MP3 posted to Twango/Ovi continued to he hosted there. Nearly five years: not bad for the interwebs.

So an upraised glass to the ghosts of Twango and Ovi Share. Thanks.

And you'll see maybe more than a few of these empty white spaces where an Ovi embed used to be.

Perhaps fewer as time goes on.

Each a spot to spill a glass in memory of all that doesn't last.

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