Friday, October 26, 2007

Egypt Lane, Deep and Drifting

Here are a couple of songs I made a few years apart.

Egypt Lane

Deep and Drifting
(Also on Box.)

Both songs mention snow. And both trade in a dim if not dark sort of incandescence that can come from how snow can cover or scatter or hold onto the light.

Egypt Lane was inspired by if not literally about the landscape around a little road of the same name. That landscape figures prominently in a homebrew music video I made for the song. Plus another version. And a recent video of the area.

Deep and Drifting was written about 3 years before with no particular landscape in sight. There's more of a heat without light aspect, a terrain imagined. And the singer, "dressed in white", isn't seeing the snow, he is the snow. A single flake holding on.

Anyway, some friends seem to like Egypt Lane, consider it a favorite. At least one friend likes Deep and Drifting. And as you might guess, I like them both.

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