Thursday, October 25, 2007

Zsa-Zsa's Bra by any other name . . .

Aside from the aforementioned Bengal Burlap, I have assumed many personae to suit my musical purposes.

Here's a couple of tunes done under the guise of Zsa-Zsa's Bra:

Creepy Death Dude

Just Bones

As you may expect, ZZB are just some super sweet biker dude sociopaths whose motto is "Live Free or Kill". Misunderstood by most, they just want a little space of their own in which to live and drive around. "The whole world . . .!"

It was near Halloween I think and I had entirely too much time to think at a mailroom temp job. And thus the notion of ZZB was born.

In my typical untimely fashion, I also, um, had ZZB cover Jessi Colter's "I'm Not Lisa". Then someone pointed out that Killdozer had covered that song. But you know, I saw Killdozer. And fine gents tho' they be, they're no Zsa-Zsa's Bra. So maybe I'll post that cover someday.

Anyway, when I played the ZZB for some old friends down Virginia way, they didn't believe it was me singing. Heh.

Wanting to go out on top, ZZB disbanded so I could go on to develop some additional multiple personalities. But I hear tell that late on a Saturday night you can hear their tunes cranking out of white van riding through Laconia.

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