Friday, October 26, 2007

Left Behind, Right Through

Left Behind

Right Through

(Also on Box.)

As it is with children, it seems bad form to have favorite songs, much less to profess them. Every song or instrumental created has its value, its own identity.

But from terms of ego & striving, some things work out more the way you wanted. And better still, some things surprise you to the point of rising above one's abilities or intentions. The fact that you made them (and may've even made them with noticeable flaws) can't stop them from joining in the mystery of the world at large. And leaving you feeling more humble than proud.

I like being surprised that way.

These songs surprise me, as do some of these others (Be Here Soon, Deep and Drifting come to mind). All of them surprise me here and there, but my faves surprise me most.

Without positing or denying some metaphysical substrate, I see mystery in the world as it exists. And it's nice occasionally to add to that mystery and not simply observe it.

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