Friday, November 23, 2007

cassette recorded

I started a new label for the entries here: cassette recorded.

As that label applies in some way to most of what I've recorded in the 20th century, it seems like saying of people: oxygen breathing.

Very early on, I'd just use two cassette recorders. One would record my playing a new part along the playback on another recorder of parts previously recorded. I'd layer open air back in the early days of Bengal Burlap. Then I tried wiring things together, for a while without the benefit of a mixing board. The newly recorded part went to one stereo channel while the old parts were fed (in mono) to the other.

Anyway, even when multitracking, most of that was on a cassette machine. And until the early 90s anything I recorded on my own was mixed down to cassette. Hit the eject button, there's the master . . .

As I realize the lids of many readers are growing very heavy by now, I may get into more particulars later.

Suffice it to say, true blue professional recording formats were too pricey for me. I may yet post images of some of the stuff I used instead.

Meanwhile, here's a sliver of cassette arcana from way back when.

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