Monday, November 19, 2007

songs & such: A-H

Listed by title from A through H, links to song & instrumental postings on audiokayness:

10 AM

10 Oct 02

15 Years Ago Redux

1,000,000 Words

20 Baht

21 May 2008 Improv

22 May 04

26 Nov 04 Procession

3 Oct 02

3:13 AM

3rd Day of Fog

33rd Floor

9 Oct 03 Bass Drone

A Love For All The Ages

A Sinking Down

Afterdinner Outerlude

Ah Fuzz

All Nite Ramble

Almost Gentle


Another Good Morning

At Night

B Is For Balance

Backyard Flicker

Be Here Soon

Before During and After

Better Go

Better Listen

Better Set Sail

Blesséd (Grace)

Bloom Mesh

Blossom King

Blue Eyed Shamble

Blue Heron

Blue Light


BoDid's Feast

Breathe and Sway

Bright Drive Away

Bring May Flowers (both supershiftah and original versions)

Broken Promises

Broken Starlight

Btawak Toglflik

Busker's Holiday

Buttadjust 2



Can I Be True?

Carry Point


Chester Valley Brood

Child Star

Closed Circuit Treadle

Cold Island Reel

Comet to Raynor

Comfort Waltz

Creepy Death Dude

Cymbal Tap

Darlin' Day

Daylily Fade


Deep and Drifting

Delray Rumination

Died Laughing

Dogwood Fabergé

Downward Rise

Drag Surge & Click

Drake Return

Dream One

Dream Song (Open So High)

Drip Spring

Echo Location

Eee-noid Wonder Pt.1

Eee-noid Wonder Pt.2

Egypt Lane

Encounters With Insects


Falling Upward

False Alarm

Faraday Cage

Fear Itself

Float Away

Flugel Drone

Francis Bacon

Fried Chicken Blues

Furthest Star

Gamelan Cakewalk

Garysville Route

Ghost Town

Gleaners' Last Dance


Goin' Down

Gone (music video)

Grunt Grunt Pig


Harp Sketch

Heading Back From The Colonial Store

Hear Me Call

Herculoid Rumination

Here I Go

Here We Come Undone

Hey Little Darlin'


Homage to The Wild World of Animals

Home Groove Bop

Home Groove Piano

Home Groove Theta

Hornets In The Elevator

Huggy's Lament

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