Saturday, November 24, 2007

Lifted, Sad In All Directions, Outside My Door


(Also on Box.)

A singer/songwriter acquaintance of a friend heard the opening harmonies of this song and asked me how I did it. As I had just heard a multitracked recording of one of her own songs, I knew what she was asking me. But I had no answer. It wasn't mindful or planned.

When I played it for a therapist, her only reaction was how sad it sounded.

There's a homebrew music video on YouTube.

Sad In All Directions

(Also on Box.)

I saw the Jacksons' biopic on TV. One of the older brothers, Tito maybe, reaped the whirlwind when he broke a string on father Joe's guitar. I'd also read of Micheal playing at the Reagan White House. Sounds ironical, and is. Sorta.

Outside My Door

(It's also playable on Box.)

The cellos sound poured on like some quivering syrup in which all things swim or drown. But there's no need for a lifeline, you're on dry land.

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